Sterownik NexSentry Star II


Advanced Technology Controller
Honeywell STAR II Controller redefines access control technology by offering the latest innovative controller that utilizes surfacemount technology. The STAR II controller incorporates this stateof- the-art enhanced digital technology which provides more powerful features, all on one small single board. Easy installation, modular components, and an affordable price makes STAR II Controller the right solution for managing even the most demanding access control applications. With a 32-bit Intel® microprocessor built-in, the controller provides fast and accurate control of up to sixteen doors. Each STAR II controller comes with NSMLite, a Graphical User Interface software (GUI) that is used to configure the controller, doors, points, cardholders and elevator configurations. Other advanced features include: scalable door architecture, card capacity for up to 100,000 cardholders; independent PIN entry for each card holder; assignable door lock relays, 16 on-board monitor inputs / 4 relay outputs (MIRO), builtin battery charging circuit for low power installs, on-board support for 2-Wiegand readers without additional physical interface, elevator control and optional Ethernet interface.

Personality Chip For Easy Upgrades
STAR II Controller modular architecture allows flexible system design options for tailoring secure and dependable access control solutions for any facility, regardless of size. Base twodoor system can be field upgraded to a 16-door unit with a simple personality chip change. Add readers or other advanced features when you want and when you need it. Support for proximity, magnetic stripe, keypad, biometric, smartcard and third party (Wiegand) reader access control technologies allows for easy integration of custom applications at each door. Each unit can monitor 255 inputs and control 96 relay outputs using additional MIROs. A WIRO 4/8/4 Wiegand reader and I/O module allows facilities with more than two third-party Wiegand readers to upgrade to Honeywell’s advanced technology. They also allow a site to keep the current wiring and reader / card relationships along with adding 8 additional monitor inputs and 4 relay outputs. An on-board plug-in port is included for optional 10baseT Ethernet CoBox Micro interface.

Easy Installation
Installation time and cost have been greatly reduced with the advanced technology offered in the STAR controller. Switchable selectable baud rates and addressing can now be done directly on the panel rather than through a laptop or terminal. In addition, twisted-pair wiring (RS-485 data) greatly reduces the cost and difficulty of installing an access control system and allows up to a 4,000 foot distance between Host and STAR II Controller. It also provides the same distance between a Controller, MIROs, WIUs and readers. Common power supplies and batteries can take advantage of the controllers built-in charging circuitry for low power installations. While providing an advanced access control solution, STAR controller is also economically priced so any organization can implement an advanced multiple technology system at a cost similar to less secure single technology systems.

Key Features

  • Fully integrated access control system
  • Base two-door system can be field upgraded to a 16-door unit with a simple personality chip change
  • Advanced digital technology with embedded Intel® 32-bit microprocessor provides fastest response time in the industry
  • Support for multiple access technologies:
    - Digital proximity
    - Magnetic Stripe
    - Smart Card
    - Keypad
    - Biometrics
  • On-board integrated MIRO 16/4
  • Can monitor 255 inputs and control 96 outputs with additional MIROs
  • Modular MIRO options for easy customization and expansion:
    - MIRO 32/0, 2/16, 4/2,
    - WIRO 4/8/4
  • Switch selectable Baud rate and address for ease of installation
  • Elevator control
  • Cardholder capacity: 100,000
  • S-NET dual twisted-pair wire installation
  • 2 Wiegand ports on-board; can be expanded by additional Wiegand external board
  • Host Communications
    - RS-232
    - RS-485
    - Dial-up
    - Optional Ethernet LAN module
  • NexSentry Manager Lite
Honeywell Star II (172.05 KB) Instrukcja dla sterownika Star II
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